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York Minster Gardens

Taking pictures in York has to be on the top of most visitors lists to York. It is a stunning city full of history and culture. I guess the main purpose of people’s visit to York is the mighty Minster its self. Unfortunately most of the time one part or another is adorned with scaffolding spoiling the picture you want to take. But there are so many angles and places to shoot from without getting the ongoing restoration in. For example the Minster garden is one of my favourite places to photograph and in summer the sun comes round the back and you get some beautiful light coming in to the gardens.
york minster gardens ebor images

york minster gardens ebor images-2

Other areas around the Minster can be found if you look at different angles other than the south transept where most tourists take a photo. Precentors court at the west end of the Minster is an excellent location especially in lower light conditions. The addition of the street lights illuminating the cobbled street gives a sense of mystery and coupled with a long exposure and clouds in the sky it can inject more drama in to the shot. This is a picture I am particularly proud of which I processed in monochrome to give a more Victorian feel to the image.

precentors court ebor images

The Tourist Location.

If you want to take photos of the Minster from the more tourist locations some good spots to stand can be on Duncomb Pl which looks on to the west towers. In summer you can get some nice shots which you can include the flora of the city which puts a little colour in to your pictures and also helps remove some of the unwanted stuff like traffic and pedestrians in your image

.duncomb pl ebor images 10600497_851547988188975_480532099807999390_n 10603747_850971191579988_7396942553822094430_n

Plus if you want a portrait of your selves why not stand in the road like the first image we did of this couple for their engagement photographs. It’s also a romantic location.

River Ouse York

The river Ouse runs right through the centre of York and was at one time a major trading route for goods and services to York. Now its a location to relax by the river and just watch the world go by while you have a meal or sit and watch the sun set over the city and have a glass of wine in one of the many wine bars along its banks. It’s also the perfect location for some wonderful colourful photos in summer with its tree lined banks to the west and the city buildings which line the banks east of Lendal bridge.

The last hour of daylight is always the best time of day to get photographs here and standing on Lendal bridge looking in to the setting sun you get some great shots of the Ouse and tree lined banks. If the river is calm like in this shot that’s an added bonus.


Moving on to the bridge the lamps too offer some good shots to be had and looking downstream you get the buildings and reflections in the river if its calm. Once the sun has dropped right off and in to the blue hour the lights of the city start to give off their warm glow

10432935_833910436619397_8148340547019900987_n york image

Further down stream is Ouse Bridge and Skeldergate Bridge which again give you a different location in which to photograph. Sometimes the river floods and high water can give you a dramatic photo at night on the Kings Staith looking towards Ouse Bridge. I was actually stood on a floating platform for the boats to get that shot.

10552468_841975659146208_1049988519710088642_n 10569033_841093139234460_5778049659398308692_n 10491109_837508256259615_5421224206568801397_n 10417517_851940721483035_7809717305404231611_n

As you can see moving around York other than staying around the minster and more tourist locations you can get some interseting photographs that many people do not go to see and all these shots I have listed are within 10 minutes walk of each other. I run York photography training classes where I take customers to locations around York to get shots like these and show how I go about setting your camera and tripod using filters and techniques I have gained over many years in my craft. For more of my images please view my website Ebor Images and thank you for taking time to read my post and hope it helps you to take more great photo’s.


About Mark Bulmer

Hi and glad you came across my site and me. I'm a passionate Landscape photograpaher from York, North Yorkshire, England. I started to seriously photograph landscape images in 2010 after giving up my lifelong passion for course fishing. It was quite a natural progression for me having spent most of my young and adult life chasing that red letter day of bagging up a net full of fish while spending a day in natural beautiful surroundings, been on the bank of a lake or river from dawn to dusk and witnessing some incredible sunrises and sunsets along the way. After a bitter divorce in 2010, my whole life changed and what once was changed. My passion for fishing had gone. My passion for the great outdoors though still remained and photography had always been my second hobby. I decided to mix the two together as a distraction from the past and over the last few years its changed my perception of life. I still end up seeing the sunrise and sunset I loved to witness on the bank, I still get to enjoy the great outdoors but it takes me further afield to explore new avenues, venture to new highs, see new places, share new visions and ultimately get that cracking shot. Its addictive fun and a pleasure to do. I hope you enjoy get something from what I share and I look forward to bringing more of my visions and techniques. Drop me a line any time. Mark
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  1. yorkateer says:

    This is my first blog getting to know WordPress. I will be adding more to this blog shortly and blogging lots more about my photography passion. I want to share the images I have taken over the years with as many people who share a passion for landscape imagery as I do. So please follow me on my journey and share my pictures with the world. 🙂


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