Reeth, Arkengarthdale to Grinton Walk

Friday night and we set off for Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales national Park. We decided to defer setting off till after the rush hour traffic had finished, by this time it was getting on for the last hour of light. Heading up the A1 north from York it was only a journey of 57 miles to Reeth and we knew it was going to be dark and its going to be a tricky job to find a suitable place to wild camp over night. We found a suitable spot near  Wath on the road to Tan Hill. By the time we had settled in it was around 12.30 am so we had no idea of what the surrounding area looked like.

Well here is what we had to wake up to on Saturday morning. After a previous day of non stop rain sun and blue skies was what we woke up to. The view down Arkangarthdale was stunning.
Reeth walk (1 of 1)

This walk is from the Path Finder Yorkshire Dales Walks 

After a quick breakfast it was time to head in to Reeth for a walk round this stunning area.  Parking on the cobbled car park is free but a donation of only a £1 is reasonable for a full day or only 50p for a half day. Starting a walk off in a village like this has its benefits as your car is much more safe in a busy area and if you want provisions there are a few good shops as well as some local craft shops.

Setting off from the car park heading towards the post office starts off the route.Reeth walk 8-15 (2 of 35)

I couldn’t help but get a snap of these geraniums that  the owner had place neatly on each step.Reeth walk 8-15 (3 of 35)

 Bearing left past the tea rooms and towards a hotel you come to the first of many gap stiles such as this.Reeth walk 8-15 (4 of 35)

It isn’t long before views such as this are awaiting you on the walk
.Reeth walk 8-15 (5 of 35)

Just a short walk on the road back towards Arkengartdale the next gap stile is next to a house named Sleights Reeth walk 8-15 (6 of 35)

The land owner has made a detour to the path written in the book for some reason, but it is clearly marked and it looks as if it’s here to stay like this for the foreseeable future.
Reeth walk 8-15 (9 of 35)

Waking down this lane to the woods at he bottom you make a right turn and head for the bridge.Reeth walk 8-15 (10 of 35)Reeth walk 8-15 (11 of 35)

After crossing the bridge follow the track to a farm-house. Going through the gate crossing the front of the houses.

I saw this stone table with some kind of tool  resting there. I am not sure what it is but would like to.

Reeth walk 8-15 (12 of 35)Reeth walk 8-15 (13 of 35)

Having gone past the farm-house the track then follows down a grassy slope and past an old derelict building

Reeth walk 8-15 (14 of 35)Reeth walk 8-15 (15 of 35)
This is an old lime-kiln a little ways after the derelict farmhouse

Reeth walk 8-15 (16 of 35)Reeth walk 8-15 (17 of 35)

You get a nice view overlooking Reeth and the fells beyond.
Reeth walk 8-15 (18 of 35)

Eventually coming to a signpost, go through the gate and   head down past a barn.

Reeth walk 8-15 (19 of 35) Reeth walk 8-15 (20 of 35)

A little further after the barn we walked through a meadow with these typical Swaledale sheep in a paddock

 Reeth walk 8-15 (21 of 35)

Time for a quick check of the route and a little bit of a road walk but only for a few hundred yards or so.

Reeth walk 8-15 (22 of 35)

Back on track after some navigational map reading the path leads to the road bridge at Grinton

Reeth walk 8-15 (23 of 35)

Reeth walk 8-15 (25 of 35)

A swift pint in Grinton before setting off again through the old church yard which

has parts of it dating back to the 12th century.

Reeth walk 8-15 (27 of 35)

There is a gate just as we entered the church yard and we actually missed it. Only because we had a sit down on

a bench besides it for a drink and 5 minute break, then as we got up carried on through the grave yard with no exit.

Still was not a bad error as i got a nice picture of the church.

Reeth walk 8-15 (28 of 35)

The walk continues on a lovely river side walk and then on to some steps that lead to a road.

Reeth walk 8-15 (30 of 35)

After the short road section the route continues down a gravelled bridleway that leads to a pasture.
Reeth walk 8-15 (31 of 35)

Head for the bridge and cross the river. This bridge was re-built in 2002 after the original built

in the 1920s was destroyed by a flood.

Reeth walk 8-15 (32 of 35)Reeth walk 8-15 (34 of 35)

Reeth walk 8-15 (35 of 35)

After crossing the bridge it’s just a matter of following the footpath back in to Reeth. We had a look round the shops and a bite to eat on the village green and a snooze to boot, well we had earned it plus I was up for sunrise at 5.30am.

Next we were off down the road towards Gunnerside and Keld to stay for the night and get some evening shots and hopefully a nice sunset too. I posted some images on my Facebook page too and these were shot with my main camera kit, the ones in this blog have been shot with my travel Panasonic camera which is great for images such as this.

Hope you find the pictures inspiring and if you do do the walk let me know if you enjoyed it. Next will be a walk we did the day after from Keld to Muker.


About Mark Bulmer

Hi and glad you came across my site and me. I'm a passionate Landscape photograpaher from York, North Yorkshire, England. I started to seriously photograph landscape images in 2010 after giving up my lifelong passion for course fishing. It was quite a natural progression for me having spent most of my young and adult life chasing that red letter day of bagging up a net full of fish while spending a day in natural beautiful surroundings, been on the bank of a lake or river from dawn to dusk and witnessing some incredible sunrises and sunsets along the way. After a bitter divorce in 2010, my whole life changed and what once was changed. My passion for fishing had gone. My passion for the great outdoors though still remained and photography had always been my second hobby. I decided to mix the two together as a distraction from the past and over the last few years its changed my perception of life. I still end up seeing the sunrise and sunset I loved to witness on the bank, I still get to enjoy the great outdoors but it takes me further afield to explore new avenues, venture to new highs, see new places, share new visions and ultimately get that cracking shot. Its addictive fun and a pleasure to do. I hope you enjoy get something from what I share and I look forward to bringing more of my visions and techniques. Drop me a line any time. Mark
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