Castleton & Mam Tor Walk

Sunrise looking towards Back Tor and Lose Hill

Sunrise looking towards Back Tor and Lose Hill

The shot above was the start of the day for me, up at 4.50am Sunday morning having camped overnight in our T5 Transporter at the foot of Mam Tor. I did need time for a coffee and to get ready for the climb up to the summit and to walk the distance from the trig point down to this first gate to get the view point I wanted. So I hope you like the image and enjoy my post and pictures of our walk.

13/9/15 Castleton Mam Tor Walk.

Parking at the foot of Mam Tor in the free lay-bys near to Blue John Cavern the walk starts here.

mam tor walk-1

Head up the hill to the main road and turn left and continue up the A625 for about 200 yards to a junction and bear right to see a signpost for Royter farm.

mam tor walk-3Follow the track for about half a mile to go past Royter farm where the path turns to more of a rough track.

mam tor walk-4Continue along here till you come across a T-junction and turn left and walk about 100 meters, look for a sign post for the Lime Stone Way. Walk diagonally across this green grass pasture with stunning panoramic views in all directions.

mam tor walk-6 Eventually you do come to a fork in the path where you would take the right one signposted Cave Dale.

mam tor walk-7The path starts to descend along a pleasant grassy path along the side of a dry stone wall where eventually another fork in the path appears. Again take the right fork to start a decent in to the gorge.

mam tor walk-8Going through a gate opening in a dry stone wall the path becomes quite treacherous and steep, so good foot wear is advisable on this walk.

mam tor walk-11Peveril castle comes in to view here after going through the gateway in the wall. It sits precariously on the edge of the gorge. The castle was built in 1176 by Henry the 2nd . The site is maintained and managed by English Heritage, and more can be read about the castle in the visitors centre in Castleton .

As you go deeper in to the gorge it starts to open up to a wider area. It is a splendid view of limestone crags and wondrous small caves. One in particular I did note had a gate to stop people entering. There was a sound of rushing water and what sounded like an turbine. I can only guess it is some kind of hydroelectric system that has been used for tapping in to an underground river. mam tor walk-12mam tor walk-13mam tor walk-14

Once a the bottom of the gorge you come out in to the village of Castleton almost immediately, when you come to a road turn left which takes you to the market square. Here you can take time to explore the village and take in a little retail therapy. There are some great places to have a coffee and bite to eat, some fantastic shops displaying the local arts and crafts as well as the local Blue John Stone jewellery.

mam tor walk-15 mam tor walk-25 mam tor walk-20  mam tor walk-18 mam tor walk-17 mam tor walk-16 mam tor walk-21 mam tor walk-22

The walk picks up again at the Castleton Centre near the main car park. Follow a walled path at the side of a small stream.

mam tor walk-26 mam tor walk-27

when eventually coming to a junction signposted “Hollowford Lane & Hollins Cross + Edale.

mam tor walk-28

Follow the road past house’s eventually coming to a wide open driveway to a farm. There is a tree lined path which shoots off diagonally. It is unmarked as a public footpath but it actually is.

mam tor walk-29   Go through a gate after about 100 meters and follow the path to the left. A good view of Mam Tor, Peveril Castle and the gorge you have just come through can be seen from here. mam tor walk-30 mam tor walk-31 mam tor walk-32

Continue along the path to a wooden gate and on to a green grass pasture.Head towards a wooden gate that leads to a wooded area and Dunscar farm. As you reach a tarmacked drive turn left and continue down the road for about  100 meters or so. There are a couple of stiles so take the first signposted Winnats Passmam tor walk-33

After about 100 meters take the stile on the right for Edale and Hollins Cross. In the corner of a field go over a small stile to cross a brook then turn left. Follow the path on the edge of the field a short way to go through a wooden gate. Follow the path up a gentle slope to a gate in the corner of the field.

 mam tor walk-34

At the top of the field near the house in the picture bellow go through a gate to cross the access road to the farm, and then another to start the accent to Hollins Cross

mam tor walk-35 mam tor walk-36

The path zig zags its way up through ferns. Looking back at the spectacular view as you get higher up.
mam tor walk-37mam tor walk-38

At the summit you can take 5 and enjoy the view.

mam tor walk-39 mam tor walk-40  

Then when your ready head west towards Mam Tor summit along the paved path.

mam tor walk-41

To finally arrive at the summit and take in the wonderful views yet again

Mam Tor. -1mam tor walk-42mam tor walk-44 mam tor walk-43

When your ready continue along the path to descend to the road which is only 5-10 minutes walk.When you get to a gate continue through to another and take the path to the left to descend back to the car park and the start of the walk.

This is a very enjoyable walk indeed and sakes in some spectacular landscape scenery with a nice stop of half way to take in some of the delight’s Castleton has to offer. If you do the walk please let me know what you think and if my guide and images hav inspired you to have a go. Please have a look at the map posted to give more of an idea of the route taken.



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