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If you want to make some images pop with vibrancy and colour try low light photography.
Taking pictures at night can be extremely rewarding and fun, it’s also inexpensive as there is no need for expensive graduated filters and polorizers etc.  What you will need though is a tripod and a cable release, but not essential , just handy as a 2 second timer can be used. I have to say there is one exception to this with the image of the bus where I used a flash synced to the second curtain, more on this In a later blog.
Most of these images have been shot with an exposure time up to 30 seconds, any longer and its in to bulb mode where you are in control of closing the shutter, I prefer letting the camera do this for me.  I also keep ISO to its native setting, which for a Canon is 160 iso not 100 (more on this if you Google it)
When I shoot at night I will use an f-srop of around f8 to f16 to get a good depth of field. Experiment with exposure time till you have a good exposure, look at the histogram, check the black side of the graph which is to the left and make sure it’s not too far over.  If it is double the exposure time or double the iso rather than open up the aperture.
Another trick to get those sparkly star street lights is to put your aperture to f22 which gives you that star effect. There is a trade off here though where you can lose sharpness across the image. Do not fear though take 2 shots at different aperture setting, one for the sharpness and one for the street lights at f22 , then blend the images together in Photoshop.
There are loads of things you can shoot in low light, and this sort of photography can impress your friends, be fun and extremely satisfying. If anyone would like any tips on photography please let me know.
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About Mark Bulmer

Hi and glad you came across my site and me. I'm a passionate Landscape photograpaher from York, North Yorkshire, England. I started to seriously photograph landscape images in 2010 after giving up my lifelong passion for course fishing. It was quite a natural progression for me having spent most of my young and adult life chasing that red letter day of bagging up a net full of fish while spending a day in natural beautiful surroundings, been on the bank of a lake or river from dawn to dusk and witnessing some incredible sunrises and sunsets along the way. After a bitter divorce in 2010, my whole life changed and what once was changed. My passion for fishing had gone. My passion for the great outdoors though still remained and photography had always been my second hobby. I decided to mix the two together as a distraction from the past and over the last few years its changed my perception of life. I still end up seeing the sunrise and sunset I loved to witness on the bank, I still get to enjoy the great outdoors but it takes me further afield to explore new avenues, venture to new highs, see new places, share new visions and ultimately get that cracking shot. Its addictive fun and a pleasure to do. I hope you enjoy get something from what I share and I look forward to bringing more of my visions and techniques. Drop me a line any time. Mark
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