Grab The Moment


This was a photo I captured while on holiday last month.  Normally I don’t carry my camera every single second, who does. Luckily we all generally carry our cameras to get those all important holiday snaps.
It was a hot day (in November might I add) and I was sitting having a quiet drink before boarding back on our cruise ship when this gentleman walked passed me and sat down several tables in front of me. He wore a grey fitted suit, a type of cowboy hat together with a chin strap, cowboy boots and what a presume was a pocket watch due to the chain hanging from his right waistcoat pocket. He was extremely smart in his appearance. He caught my eye instantly , his face oosing with character, I just had to get a shot. Unbelievably he sat in what I would say was perfect light. Sitting under a parasol the bright sunlight, harsh though, it lit him perfectly. Using a fast shutter speed I could minimize the background light as this was in shadow and just consentrate my camera on him.
Just goes to show its always worth carrying your camera everywhere, you never know when that moment for a great picture is going to materialize. 


About Mark Bulmer

Hi and glad you came across my site and me. I'm a passionate Landscape photograpaher from York, North Yorkshire, England. I started to seriously photograph landscape images in 2010 after giving up my lifelong passion for course fishing. It was quite a natural progression for me having spent most of my young and adult life chasing that red letter day of bagging up a net full of fish while spending a day in natural beautiful surroundings, been on the bank of a lake or river from dawn to dusk and witnessing some incredible sunrises and sunsets along the way. After a bitter divorce in 2010, my whole life changed and what once was changed. My passion for fishing had gone. My passion for the great outdoors though still remained and photography had always been my second hobby. I decided to mix the two together as a distraction from the past and over the last few years its changed my perception of life. I still end up seeing the sunrise and sunset I loved to witness on the bank, I still get to enjoy the great outdoors but it takes me further afield to explore new avenues, venture to new highs, see new places, share new visions and ultimately get that cracking shot. Its addictive fun and a pleasure to do. I hope you enjoy get something from what I share and I look forward to bringing more of my visions and techniques. Drop me a line any time. Mark
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One Response to Grab The Moment

  1. Great photo. He does look like he can tell you a story or two


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